You create your own drama

based on jealousy

Only the Hawt Survive
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1.You must be older than 13
2.Guys & Girls are Welcome
3.Put "Application" in the Subject
4.If you do not post your application within 24 hours of joining you will be banned
5.No Links
6.No Nudity
7.Do Not "TyPe LyKe DiS"
8.No Commenting in other posts other than your own until you are accepted
9.You will either be accpeted or rejected after 24 hours by the majority of the voters.
10.Respect the Mods. We Own You
11.Save the drama for your mama.
12.You must be gay.
13.Skye only likes lesbians.
14.Because she is one herself.
15.JayKay, skye likes male specimens.
16.You must eat poop every single day.

1.You Must put Stamped in the heading of your post
2.There is No Promoting of other communities in this community
3.Stay active & Participate in Themes
4.Post Pictures of anything, just keep it clean ladies
5.When posting pictures you must use an lj-cut
6.Notify one of the Mods if you will be on hiatus/leaving
7.You must vote YES or NO.. none of this Sway Me crap

Rejected & Banned
1.You may reapply after 1week with new pictures with "Reapplying" in the subject line
2.If you receive 2 warning you will be banned
3.You Can Not Reapply more than once or you will be banned
4.If you are banned don’t even think of showing your face in this community ever again bitch.

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